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Remove commercials from MCE recordings

May 23, 2009

Next step is to set the machine up again to remove commercials from recordings.

I really didn’t look forward to setup op DVRMSToolbox with comskip or ShowAnalyzer againg.

Luckily it seems like Vista MCE has a lot more options to do these tasks.  I found the following software which seems to be able to do everything I want except converting the shows to MP4 after it removed the commercials.


Wiring / DSTV PVR

January 15, 2007

OK, today I decided I “have” to make a plan with all the wiring behind the Scaleo, the satellite STB (DSTV PVR), etc.  Partly because I had to hook up the Scaleo properly to record, but also because the wires just irritated me.

So it took me most of a morning to remove all the unnessary wires and to connect up the Scaleo.  Hooking up the Scaleo proofed to be a bit more difficult than I thought.  I tried to hook up the RCA cables from the DSTV PVR to the front input Video and Audio in RCA connections of the Scaleo, but for some reason the TV image was jerky and stuttered a lot.

So I tried normal coax cables through the attenna connection of the Scaleo.  For some reason MCE didn’t pick up the channels.  I decided to give the RCA cables a go again, because this is my preferred method of connecting the DSTV PVR (even though the connections are in the front of the Scaleo – what were they thinking) .  For some reason it worked perfectly this time and the TV image was good and didn’t stutter.

So finally I could remove all the old cables as well as my old HTPC from my living room. This all sounds so trivial now, but it took a lot of time to organise all the wires etc again.

I will post some pictures later.

Getting the MCE TV guide to work in South Africa

January 15, 2007

Yeah, that’s right I live in the wonderful world of South Africa.

Only problem with this wonderful country is Microsoft (and the crime).  MS decided in their infinite wisdom that we will sell MCE in South Africa and even ask the hardware manufacturers to sell MCE computers (like the Scaleo) in South Africa, but we are not going to make the South African TV guide available.

Luckily there is an active community forum in South Africa for MCE and also some clever guys who makes an XMLTV file (basically this is an XML file with all the guide information) available.  There are also several applications available to import this xmltv information into MCE.

This all sounds very complicated, but basically I followed the instructions to get the Guide working from here but if you have trouble you can also follow the instructions here. .

I followed in the instructions to download the guide from this site but you can also get it on the SA MCE Community site.

In a relatively short period I got the TV guide to work on MCE.

I even scheduled a couple of series recordings! Let’s hope it records with the DSTV PVR standby issue (more about this next)