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Restore old itunes library ratings

July 22, 2009

So I finally got around to try and recover all my hard work on my smart lists that was done on my Scaleo machine that died.  I recovered the itunes library (the .itl, .xml and .itdb files).  One small problem though, in the mean time I have started a new library for itunes which I sync with an iphone and also with new ipods.  All good and well as I have my songs and I can sync – but I want my old smart playlists and my ratings.

I thought about trying a couple of things like copying the playlists from the old xml file into the new one and see if iTunes can recover it.

The one thing that did work to recover my old smartlists was to use the functionality of iTunes!  Just go to File->Library->Import Playlist then browse to the xml file of your old library and pretty soon you will see your old playlists again.

I then had to find a way to save the ratings from the old library to a file or something and restore it to the new library.  Wel it turns out I found something even better.

iTSfv – iTunes Store file validator

This little program just restored all my ratings (and it looks like even playcount) from my old iTunes library!

It has other functionality as well:

  • save the ratings and other tags in the library and you can restore it later (like if you start a new library or computer)
  • import music based on a schedule
  • check for files with missing lyrics, album art, etc
  • adjust the ratings of files automatically based on play count (very cool!)
  • some other functions which I haven’t look at yet

So if you are looking for a way to backup your hard work to rate all your music in iTunes or restore it from an old computer onto a new computer – then this software seems like it will do the trick!